Katja van Strijk

Katja van Strijk, 1973 Switzerland
Artist, Art Educator and Art Ambassador Manager at Royal Talens, NL since 2008

Referee Association of Colours / FVS Schweiz 2008 – 2023


As Art Ambassador Manager at Royal Talens, Katja van Strijk travels the world giving workshops and courses for artists. She is currently doing this online as well. With her warm and inspiring personality, she knows how to strike the right artistic note.

Her workshops and art lectures bring Katja in contact with passionate painters all over the world, from amateurs to experienced professionals.

“My work as a painter and art educator gives me the opportunity to meet and form close bonds with people from all different countries. That is a great privilege. You also learn about their culture and traditions. I am very aware of diversity and welcome everyone, regardless of their cultural background, religion, ethnicity or economic status.” With her Art Mentoring program, she helps artist to make significant changes in their art career.


CV: Exhibitions: 


Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, NL, Contest “Long Live Rembrandt”, July-Sept. 2019
Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, NL, Rembrandt Experience, September 2021

Museum of Modern Art Soumaya, Rodin Show, Mexico City, August 2015
Museum of Modern Art Soumaya, November 2022 +2023


Exhibitions/Art Fairs/Live Painting:

AD Art Show, New York City, 2021 + 2022,  MvVo Art Gallery 

Art Week Beirut, Sept. 2019

Patchings Festival, UK-Nottingham 2019

Int. Watercolour Festival, I-Fabriano, April 2019

Creative World, D-Frankfurt, January 2019

Int. Art Fair, Beirut, September 2018

Design Fair Formex, S-Stockholm, August 2018

Art Festival, Ljubliana - Slovenia, August 2018

Patchings Festival, UK-Nottingham, July 2018

Int.Watercolour Festival, I-Fabriano, May 2018

Skrepka Expo, Ru-Moscow, March 2018

CAA College Art Association, US-Los Angeles, February 2018

Creative World, Live-Painting, D-Frankfurt, January 2018

Design Fair, Live-Painting, No-Oslo, January 2018

Intern. Watercolor Festival, Ru-Moscow, Lecture Modern Watercolor, October 2017

Art Ljubliana, Slo-Ljubliana, September 2017

Design-Fair Formex, S-Stockholm, August 2017

Skrepka Expo, Ru-Moskow, March 2017

Design Fair, No-Oslo, January 2017

Creativworld, D-Frankfurt, January 2017

Live Painting, Montreux Jazz Festival 50th, Nestlé/Nescafé Dolce Gusto, July 2016

Exposition Don Rap, Cordoba, Veracruz, (MX) Nov. - Jan 2016

Patchings Festival, Live-Painting, Nottingham(UK) June 2015

Creativworld, D-Frankfurt, January 2015

MTV Live Painting, Juli 2012+2013, Blue Balls Festival CH-Luzern

Renaissance Hotel Zürich, Zürich West,  2008 – 2013, Art Brunch & Soirée

Nestlé, CH-Orbe, März - Mai 2010

The artworks of Katja van Strijk are full of matter, rich and elaborated, showing exquisite combinations of colours carrying through one always present texture, which she harmonizes with drawing. Her painting are showing us an open dialogue, a wide range of possibilities.



Katja van Strijk was born 1973 in Zofingen, Switzerland. As a daughter of Italian immigrants with a strong bond to her family abroad she frequently visited her family in Sicily. Through her Italian uncle Piero Pistone, who was an oil painter she developed her passion for art. At an early age she began to experiment with different mediums and painting techniques.

However, with increasing maturity she focused more on her career. After achieving her commercial diploma, she studied at the Translations School in Zürich. She fluently speaks German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. After her studies she worked for 8 years as a Product Manager in the marketing department at an IT-Distributer.

With the birth of her children, she went back to her artistic roots and started to paint again. Through the shifted focus on her family, she decided to designate her time to the upbringing of her children and thus left her job. She opened a painting school at her home that she ran from 2005 to 2016. Additionally, she started to work as a freelancer giving workshops and technical advice to artists and art shops for Royal Talens, a Dutch manufacturer of art materials. In the beginning this only took place in Switzerland, until her occupation at Royal Talens expanded to her current position as a Technical Adviser for Fine Art products and Art Ambassador Manager which includes international projects.


Source of Inspiration

I remember the first time I thought about cultural diversity. It began with my art trip to Mexico City, which was my first intercontinental trip ever.

 Beautiful colourful painted houses, cheerful music audible in the streets, laughing people everywhere. What a huge difference to my beloved home country Switzerland, but so incredible similar in cultural tradition and values as my Italian origins.

Diversity awareness means for me one’s ability to embrace the uniqueness of each individual regardless the different cultural background, religious belief, ethnicity, age, gender and not to forget the economic status.

I consider myself very fortunate for having the chance to get to know through my job as Art Ambassador manager, not only different countries, but equally important for me, the possibility to meet local people and become acquainted with their culture and tradition.

What more can I ask as source of inspiration?